Getting the Basics with Shoni Harel

Getting the Basics with Shoni Harel

Shoni Harel is our Head Trainer, and he really knows how to push his clients to get maximum results. We had a chance to get him out of the gym and into the hot seat with our interview covering the basics. Learn more about one of our top trainers, from his favorite TV show to his favorite catch-phrase. You just might have heard him talking about some of these at Absolute Fitness.




Fave Guilty Pleasure TV show?
Survivorman – it’s a series about a survivalist who films himself living for a week in the outdoors, most of the time in very harsh environments, alone.

Fave Guilty Pleasure Food?
Pizzaiolo – Spinota slice.

Go-To Healthy Meal You Make at Home?
Chicken breast, baked sweet potato, broccoli.

Fave Catch-Phrase?
Know Yourself!

Favourite Memory relating to Sports, Personal Training or Exercise?
Winning basketball tournament championship in NY for my senior high school basketball team.

Got a pet?
I don’t have a pet, but I want a chameleon.

Got a Hobby?
Rock climbing.

Dream Vacation?
Fiji or the Galapagos Islands.


Seems like Shoni sure “knows himself!” With answers that range from fun to adventurous, it’s easy to see how he’d be a great trainer with a variety of ways to stay in shape. Were you surprised by any of his answers? Have a few in common?