3 Tools to Keep You Honest

3 Tools to Keep You Honest

When you work in personal fitness, helping people reach their goals is central. For the hour we spend with our clients, focusing on their needs and challenges become our needs and challenges. Because we become so close with our clients, we feel their frustration when they step on a scale and feel upset about the number.


Do not let a digital scale tell you what you should feel.


Fluctuations in weight are normal, and having a weight range is what we want you to have. Fluctuations show that you are eating, drinking water and training in balance.


It can be difficult to stay motivated about your personal fitness when you’re only focusing on the number on the scale. Similarly, it can be difficult to reach your goals if you’re not able to benchmark your changes and growth.


So I do not suggest for you to throw out your scale, but rather to think about other ways to keep yourself honest about your goals.  Remember, honesty can be about stopping yourself from turning the other cheek to your well-being, and it can also be about having the ability to recognize when you’re being too hard on yourself.


  1. Be honest with a mirror: You know what your body looks like in the mirror. When you look at yourself, celebrate and be honest about the changes in your body. Talk to your trainer about how you feel your body changing and what you think you see in the mirror. They can help you stay honest.


  1. Be honest with yourself based on how your clothes fit: without ever having to get on a scale, you can tell a lot about your weight and body by how your clothes are fitting. Sometimes a weight loss partnered with a muscle gain can change the way your clothes fit, just as much as a overall weight gain can. Being honest about why your clothes are fitting you the way they are keeps you accountable. Talk to your trainer about these feelings to help keep you honest.


  1. Be honest with the scale: What is that 1 pound weight gain? Is it the time of day you’re weighing yourself at? Did you have a party last night where you overdid it? Have you been lifting weights like a boss? Be honest about what you think the numbers mean, and don’t jump to self-punishment. Sometimes 1 pound is a celebration and sometimes it’s a wake-up call. Talk to your trainer about your feelings, gains and losses to help keep you honest.


While many in-home personal trainers offer a clinical, rigid approach to fitness, the Absolute Fitness team offers a holistic one. Each member of our team wants to help you live well, eat better and work out smarter so you can tackle anything that life throws at you. When you bring a trainer into your home, you want someone who will do much more than just go through the motions. Our trainers take the time to learn your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes. Based on your own unique goals and your own unique body, we tailor a special workout for you.